Tragedy downtown

Blocked streets downtown detoured drivers and heavy police activity lingered for hours after a shooting in the 300 block of Don Gaspar Avenue yesterday. One of the shooting victims was popular Santa Fe singer Ernestine Romero (married named Saucedo), who turned 32 the day before she died; the other person killed was her husband of two years, Jessie Saucedo. Police would not discuss whether the incident was a murder-suicide ($ TNM), but did say immediately after the shooting that there were no suspects at large.

Tragedy in Midtown

As if the downtown deaths around noon weren't enough, a gnarly accident at Cerrillos Road near St. Michael's Drive just after 2 pm killed a 68-year-old Texan ($ TNM) and closed northbound lanes for hours. Terry Dickerson of Ozona, Texas, died in the crash, and it is suspected that Dickerson suffered some kind of medical incident to cause it. Drugs and alcohol are not suspected.

Take a bite

Whew. Need a palate-cleanser after all that bad news? There's no better one than Santa Fe Bite ABQ, nee Santa Fe Bite, nee Bobcat Bite. The owners of the beloved yet defunct Santa Fe burger institution have franchised the restaurant out out a few Duke City restaurateurs, and you can get the same menu on Nob Hill.

Railyard coming up

More details about new owners of Market Station in the Railyard have finally emerged. The mostly vacant building should have been the jewel in the Railyard crown, but instead has remained mostly quiet for years; but (as we have told you here before, with fewer specifics) we can soon welcome a distillery, Opuntia Café's new location and more. The best news: The new owners are locals ($ TNM).

Thanks for the weed, man

Your weekend long-read is all about marijuana, and there's a big meeting happening today with the Department of Health. SFR takes a look at the state of cannabis in New Mexico, including what's going on with plant counts, whether recreational legalization looks like it's on the counter (the gov likes the idea and has arranged a task force to discuss just such a thing) and what all this means for medical cannabis patients.

Build it, they will come

If that news of new Railyard businesses wasn't so exciting because you live on the Southside, never fear; you have something cool coming your way, too. The Santa Fe Brewing Company is expanding a whole lot, including a new three-story taproom at its Fire Place flagship location.

Ethics versus laws

The New Mexico Supreme Court has been asked to take a look at the constitutionality of an act that makes it illegal for public employees to use their position or office for their own benefit. Judges think the law is too vague and was meant to serve as an ethical guideline, not a mandate for legal action, and that different interpretations could lead to "an unequal application of the law."

Knockin ‘n’ smells

Looking for some fun this weekend? Why not go sasquatch-hunting? Some local residents believe the legendary woodland creature lives in Red River. "People have heard tree-knocking up here," says a longtime resident. "There's been smells associated with Big Foot activity." Well, if that ain't proof, I don't know what is.

Thanks for reading! The Word is sooooo ready for International Folk Art Market (even if her wallet isn't) … Are you?