Do your part

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has announced that our state is suing the Trump Administration ($ TNM) for quickly changing federal rules about releasing immigrants into border communities. Forcing migrants into small communities and providing no aid for their care is unlawful. The move by the pro-humanitarian aid governor is aimed at getting the federal government to do what it's obligated to do for asylum-seekers, who are here legally, under the Safe Release policy.

Too old

About 70 employees of the state Corrections Department are set to receive $700,000 in a settlement for age discrimination and retaliation. Allegedly, when a 49-year-old man applied for the rank of major at the Los Lunas correctional facility, he was told they needed someone with "longevity" and was passed over for a less experienced 31-year-old. Other cases and details make the story an interesting one.

Huge deal

The Word has mentioned before that the biggest issue in town according to those with secure housing tends to be potholes, but a new Really Big Deal has popped up for those not looking for somewhere to live: Weeds ($ TNM). The City of Santa Fe has hired extra workers and is paying overtime in hopes of taming growth caused by excessive rains this winter and spring.

They did it

Speaking of housing, the Albuquerque Journal brings us a story about an Oregon city that had the same "accessory dwelling unit" issues that we do here (there, they call them "granny flats," here they are casitas). By the way, the next meetings to discuss casita rules in Santa Fe have been postponed to the end of June.

Good night and good luck

Those "patriot" groups that are trying to get a few dozen laws overturned in New Mexico have seen five more petitions rejected by Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver. Her reasons for rejection include both constitutional concerns and paperwork concerns (see: incorrect punctuation concerns). If the groups do manage to get their petitions approved, they'll still need to gather signatures from more than 70,000 state voters to get their referendums on the ballot next year. Fun fact: Since 1912, only three referendums have ever made it to a vote; the "patriots" are currently working on 18 petitions for referendum.

Let him fly-fi

It seems to be a struggle to get Santa Fe Regional Airport's accommodations up to speed with the 21st century, from improving the airport's only gate to fixing runways. Another constant problem: Wi-fi at the airport ain't so good. A city spokeswoman told SFR there isn't "much of a story" there, but anything that holds the little airport back from making customers happy could make flying out of there less palatable for big spenders.

Rainbow bright

We told you a little about ABQ Pride yesterday, but then today we stumbled across the Daily Lobo's slideshow of photos, and they're super great, so check those out too. There are few photo albums more uplifting each June than Pride Month celebrations, right? All the colors! All the love!

Summer’s coming

Yesterday was a weird and overcast 70 degrees, but it's supposed to warm up the rest of this week. We are also looking at possible severe weather for the eastern half of the state on Thursday or so. Keep an eye on that barometer.

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