Here they come

A mining company has proposed extraction in Santa Fe National Forest. A news release from the US Forest Service explained that the company Comexico wants to mine about 2.2 acres the Pecos/Las Vegas Ranger District near Terrero. The Forest Service, while it can require Comexico to protect the local environs, doesn't have authority to tell Comexico no. The Santa Fe New Mexican has a story that describes the damage that previous mining has done to the area ($).

Not out of the woods

Charges against 16-year-old Hunter Woods have been changed, but the teen remains incarcerated for a shooting that killed his mother's boyfriend. Woods reportedly shot Ricardo Managa while Managa was in an altercation with Woods' mother; Woods then eluded police for nine days. Woods' charges have been lessened from second-degree murder to voluntary manslaughter ($ TNM), which means the killing occurred "without malice … upon a sudden quarrel or in the heat of passion."

Get in the loop

Folks with hearing loss will soon be able to better enjoy performances at the Lensic. A professional violinist is leading as many local businesses as she can to install hearing loop systems, which means audio from events will be transmitted directly to hearing aids, cutting down on buzzing and muffled sound.

Behind closed doors

The Española school board called a meeting to talk about the recent incident that has gone a bit viral in which a 15-year-old was Tased by a sheriff's deputy. Only problem is … The board didn't publicly talk specifically about the Tasing. Board members did express frustration that they felt like the last to know about the incident, however. The school district's attorney advised since the district is being sued by the boy's family, officials should not discuss it, but that explanation didn't satisfy a restless public.

No place like home

This week's cover story from SFR's Will Costello covers a difficult topic to report on, just because it's so multifaceted: The struggles that mentally ill people and formerly homeless folks face when trying to secure permanent housing. Costello talked to government officials, nonprofit directors and some tenuous-living residents themselves about the crux of the problem, which is hard to identify.

Briefly briefly

A few small items you may find useful and interesting: Local nonprofits offer self-defense classes to Native women and trans folks; Los Alamos National Bank has a new owner ($ TNM) out of Missouri; six new conditions have been added to the list that can get you a medpot card; and a Los Angeles cameraman injured near Los Alamos files suit against production company and ski hill alike.

Our man Wes

For the first time in history, a Native American actor is set to receive an Oscar. Santa Fe resident Wes Studi learned this week that he'll get an an honorary Academy Award for career achievement in the fall, and the BBC both reports that story and takes a look at the treatment of Natives in Hollywood (spoiler alert: It ain't been good).

Baby, how you feelin’?

What's good this weekend (and beyond)? The Currents New Media Festival kicks off tonight and runs until June 23 (there's a Pasatiempo story too, $); this afternoon, Meow Wolf artist Mikey Rae teaches a free doodling class; and, if you like the Bard, you can go see Romeo & Juliet in the botanical garden, or enjoy a new film that ponders the playwright's life. Today will be a little warm with possible rain in the northeastern part of the state, and the weekend looks mostly good too.

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