The "surge" may be over, but the questions surrounding it go on. Albuquerque's official police watchdog group calls the recent increase in State Police presence in targeted neighborhoods in the Duke City a "perfect storm for civil rights violations," and says it didn't do what it claimed to; officials purportedly wanted to crack down on violent crime, yet out of 452 arrests by State Police during the operation, 300 were for alleged misdemeanors.

Form an alliance

George RR Martin has a new gig. He's been appointed "chief world builder" at arts megacorp Meow Wolf; while the facility was famously funded with help from the author, he's mostly seemed pretty hands-off when it's come to the House of Eternal Return perma-installation. It's not exactly clear what Martin's new role entails, other than that he will "will use his storytelling skills to advise and tie together the Meow Wolf multi-verse."

Like, funny ha-ha?

Familiar New Mexico faces graced Comedy Central last week. The issues loudly advocated for by Rep. Deb Haaland are not particularly funny subjects (missing and murdered Indigenous women, climate change, and many other things), but she still showed up in an episode of Klepper. She talked a little about Native visibility, mostly talking about serious things while host Jordan Klepper cracked (respectful) jokes. Santa Fe artist Cannupa Hanska Luger also appeared, but he's not in the clip shared by the New Mexico Political Report.

Remembering two

A Santa Fe couple was killed on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend when another vehicle slammed into the Uber in which they were riding. The New Mexican published a remembrance ($) of the two, Robbie Gallegos and Kristina Martinez, including details both poignant and sad from their families.

Good skill to have

Get trained in how to use Naloxone, the overdose reversal drug. The nonprofit Santa Fe Indian Center hosts a free training session ($ TNM) from 5-8 pm on Wednesday; it's limited to 20 people, so you gotta RSVP, as this could prove a popular one for anyone who works with at-risk populations (or, let's be real, anyone at all who works with anyone at all). State health staffers will also distribute doses of the drug. RSVP at 505-660-4210. Also, here is info on how to get Naloxone outside of this training.

Pick and choose laws

In more news related to that "surge" of police presence in Albuquerque, State Police are overriding city laws with state ones and are busting people for marijuana, despite that city having decriminalized the plant. SFR reported on exactly this issue here in our town nearly three years ago. And yes, in January the Legislature did pass and the governor did sign a law decriminalizing marijuana throughout the state, but it doesn't go into effect until July 1. State police are making arrests until then.

Farewell, Brunhilde

The Harrell House Bug Museum in the DeVargas Center recently said goodbye to Brunhilde, its 12ish-year-old Goliath birdeater tarantula. The museum will be preserving her incredible body for posterity, which is really all any of us can hope for, right?

No really, Auntie Em, little help?

How about that weather yesterday? Funnel clouds and hail and rain, oh my. The high on Sunday was 75, the low 46, and there is still a risk of severe weather today. So wear layers and don't forget your umbrella.

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