Another deadly crash at airport

If you were anywhere near Airport Road or social media last night, you heard that there was a plane crash at Santa Fe Municipal Airport ($). The single-engine plane was carrying two passengers who were reportedly practicing landing techniques, and both died in the accident. It was first reported that the pilot was alone, but officials later upped the number of people involved.

Irish eyes are smiling

That 82-year-old Santa Fean peace activist who was arrested in Ireland earlier this year has been released on bail. Ken Mayers and his co-arrestee, Tarak Kauff, 77, said that their time in the Irish jail was "surprisingly humane" and that they made friends with the other "fellas" in the clink.

Yum yum yum

In other cities, the Word has been deeply enamored of those cool compacting trash bins that some places have. Looks like Santa Fe is gonna join the trash elite. The solar-powered bins are $7,770 each, and the City of Santa Fe is spending $93,243 with Massachusetts-based Bigbelly, Inc.

Doesn’t add up

A woman's bloody body was found this weekend at the Motel 6 in Santa Fe, but the district attorney decided on Monday to drop murder charges because an autopsy found "no evidence of trauma." Witnesses say they saw Jose Calabaza, 34, assault his 24-year-old girlfriend Miranda Tenorio, and Tenorio was later found dead. Calabaza gave police three versions of events the night of her death.

Bonnie & Clyde redux

In an Albuquerque tale that jumps the shark at every turn, a couple was reportedly trolling the neighborhood by Louisiana and Comanche when they spotted a 101-year-old lady at a garage sale. They mugged her and stole her purse, and then when good Samaritans came by to help, the gentleman of the pair went after them with a tire iron. They fled in a vehicle which then crashed and flipped over at the intersection of San Pedro and Comanche. The woman was taken into custody, but the man managed to flee the scene and is still at large. Whew.

This is really important

All across the country, folks with sensitive noses are talking about their least-favorite tree: the Bradford Pear. Even the belles of Southern Living called them "the worst tree ever." In a hard-hitting piece out of Albuquerque, so hard-hitting that we were stunned and waited five days to share it, Daily Lobo reporter Danielle Prokop talks to students about the pungent, musty (but very pretty) trees on campus.

Tank tops ‘n’ wool socks

The next few days are projected to feature near-record high temps, winds and fire risks, but we may then see a sudden "bomb cyclone" (again) in the latter part of the week and this weekend with cold and precipitation. 'Cause that's showbiz, baby.

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