Don’t drink the water

A water test in November revealed that Española's municipal supply had dangerous levels of nitrates in some areas. However, residents didn't learn about it until last week. Officials say that they are 99 days late informing the city of dangerous water because the lab results got sent to the wrong zip code. The city is blending the water high in nitrates with water high in fluoride to bring the whole system into compliance.

Makin’ the law, makin’ the law

Isn't it weird that we have a governor that actually signs things into law? New Mexico will now see expanded background checks on gun sales, and soon a new government department for early childhood education. Also headed to the gov's desk is a bill banning local right-to-work laws, aimed to keep cities and counties from overstepping their bounds.

Shout, shout, let it all out

At a town hall in Deming, residents voiced frustration over "illegals" and the governor's stance on the president's "national emergency" at the border … But there were no Border Patrol or government officials at the meeting, so it's unclear what the residents were doing, precisely, other than yelling into an echo chamber.

Crisis of humanity

Speaking of the border, the Albuquerque Journal has published the second in a two-part series about everyday life for a border patrol agent. (The first part came out yesterday, Sunday.) Folks featured in these stories range from a 14-year-old walking to America to find her mother, to a group of armed vigilante militia men in the US.

Madam President

Former city economic development official and onetime mayoral candidate Kate Noble has been elected president ($) of the board at Santa Fe Public Schools. Noble succeeds former President Steve Carrillo, who recently often clashed with Superintendent Veronica Garcia.

Weird flex but ok

A Rio Rancho man says that someone in a truck pulled up to his house at 2:30 am, stole a yucca plant, and drove off. He wondered aloud to KRQE why someone would specifically take his yard plants: "You can go out in the mesa and dig them up, and no one's even going to notice." The man says the truck had the markings of a company, and he was able to determine which one, so there may be a reckoning soon.

Hatfield : McCoy :: Bhatka : Bhatka

The Bhatka family, which owns the Western Scene Motel and the now-closed Sunrise General Store on Old Las Vegas Highway, is seeing some familial strife that is affecting its businesses ($). Phaedra Haywood reports for The New Mexican about the Bhaktas' bitter feud and what effect it's had on two local landmarks.

Eyes forward

From the same new staff writer who tells you exciting info about potholes in our city, SFR broke some hard news this weekend with info about the Santa Fe Area Homebuilders' Association's Lego building contest. Competing for cash money and Lego sets, groups of kids ages 5-8 and 9-12 built something "representing the future." Did any build children? Because I believe … oh, you know the rest.

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