You can’t make this stuff up 

In case you live under a rock, FYI the president declared a national emergency on Friday to secure funding to build his wall. Seeing as there is indeed no national emergency ($) at the border, New Mexico is joining a multi-state lawsuit over the political charade. This perhaps isn't the first time a prez has pulled a stunt like this; what's so problematic is that it's not only not based in reality, but it was done to override a decision already made by Congress.

Monetary influx

Schools could be seeing more money soon. The House Education Committee passed HB 455 ($), which would send $452 million to public schools in the next fiscal year. It comes on the heels of a 2018 state District Court ruling that declared New Mexico was not fulfilling its constitutional obligation to properly educate its young people. The $452 million would be in addition to the $500 million that Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham proposes to add to the schools budget. Legislators in opposition say that schools do not have the staffing or infrastructure to accomplish what a nearly $1 billion jump in funding would intend. Whatever happens, one analysis shows that schools need at least $408 million in additional funding to return to pre-recession funding levels.

Everything’s coming up flower

Or maybe not. The bill to legalize recreational cannabis, HB 356, once thought to be destined to sail though the legislature and save us all, isn't looking so promising any more. Lawmakers are getting pushback from the Taxation and Revenue Department not because it concerns the devil's lettuce, but because Tax & Rev suspects they simply don't have the IT infrastructure to handle such a huge influx. (Kinda like schools, right?) They have asked for the effective date for licenses to be pushed to 2021 (rather than the proposed January 2020); that being said, there are still some Democrat lawmakers opposed to the bill anyway.

Tumbling toward ecstasy

A bill mocked for being frivolous is now getting some public attention. Sen. Nancy Rodriguez (D-Santa Fe) has suggested allocating $100,000 for circus arts education across the state, and while the term "circus" has spurred some derision from lawmakers and newspaper readers alike, it would actually be immensely beneficial to school children so that they could learn the physical feats of acrobatics, acting and tumbling, as well as give them the emotional intelligence of performing arts education.

Secret ethics

Last November, New Mexicans voted overwhelmingly to create an Ethics Commission in our state. Drain the swamp, if you will. However, SB 619 would ensure the commission would operate almost entirely in secret, and would impose heavy fines on anyone who would dare break that confidentiality. That kind of … doesn't sound very conducive to strong ethics. Not surprisingly, the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government is opposed to the bill.

I’m taking my beer and I’m leaving

Two Albuquerque breweries have pulled out of a national IPA competition due to what they say is an offensive article written by one of the competition's sponsors. Brewing News co-owner Bill Metzger penned what was called a "bizarre misogynistic rant" by Forbes, then later tried to pass it off as satire. Companies across the country didn't buy it, and have sought to distance themselves from Metzger, including Tractor Brewing and Marble Brewing, who say they want nothing to do with him. Metzger has resigned his position at Brewing News.

The white stuff

Last night, the Word had not glanced outside in a while. When we finally did, we were stopped dead in our tracks by the sudden appearance of a blanket of snow. That stuff is stealthy. Quiet by definition. Spooky. Anyway, Ski Santa Fe could see 18 inches ($) by the end of tomorrow. At this rate we'll be skiing till June. The National Weather Service has your statewide predicted totals.

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