Gov. Lujan Grisham signed 42 "rocket docket" bills into law ($) yesterday, many of which had been passed in previous sessions with bipartisan support but were vetoed by the previous governor. Among the bills is one that changes expense reporting in the Legislature (no more secret under-$100 lunches for lobbyists), one requiring more diabetes training for educators, and one allowing teachers more sick days without being dinged at their reviews. Lujan Grisham says the speedy process is meant to show days of gridlock in the Legislature are over, and that "we are in fact working together and we are in fact open for business."

Big bang

An explosion near Central and Coors in Albuquerque rattled residents and businesses yesterday, literally and figuratively, causing evacuations and concern about terrorism or a gas leak. Police say the homemade bomb killed only one person: its maker. They say no one else is in danger.

Speak softly, but …

After a thrilling last-minute victory in Doña Ana County back in November, Rep. Xochitl Torres Small has kept a relatively low profile. The freshman congresswoman says she's more interested in doing the work required to change immigration policy and get sane border policing than she is in paparazzi and media attention.

Probation in rape case

A father-and-son duo convicted of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl in 2015 have been sentenced to probation ($); three years and five years, respectively. The DA's office says the slow trial and seemingly lenient sentence come as a result of issues in discovery and difficulty in getting the defendants into the courtroom, as well as the victim's reluctance to participate in a trial and her eventual decision to cut off communication with prosecutors—possibly due to witness intimidation.

What’s in the box?

In more Roundhouse news, legislators are once again pushing a "ban the box" initiative that would prohibit employers from asking job candidates whether they have been convicted of a felony. This comes after felons gained the right to vote in Florida back in November, as well as on the heels of an interesting NYTimes article ($) from the other day about a convicted murderer who went on to go to law school at Tulane, and now fights for convicts' rights.

All kinds of a bad idea

We're a couple days behind on this one, but it was too amusing not to share: The Daily Lobo reports that the UNM Athletics department recently ran a sponsored Facebook post offering one (lucky?) winner three free nights at a Trump hotel. Not only is this offer not too appealing (to about 56 percent of the country at least), but the photo in the advertisement was of the Trump property in Scotland, home of UNM Athletics Director Paul Krebs' ill-fated golf junket. Quoth the great philosopher Macklemore: There's layers to this [stuff], player. Tiramisu, tiramisu. (UNM later said that the ad was approved by their media partner, Learfield Sports Properties, and "due to concerns about the broken link, as well as fan responses, we decided to remove the ad.")

Winner winner chicken dinner

A $1 million Powerball ticket was purchased in Alamogordo, and officials are waiting for the winner to come forward. The Word would like to remind said winner that we have never asked anything of you before, ever, and to keep our friendship in mind during this unique time in your life. The winner has 90 days (or 89 now, we guess) to claim the money.

Thanks for reading! The Word isn't one of those people who sits around thinking what they'd do if they won the lottery, but off the top of our head we can definitely say there would be lots of expensive coffee involved. Straight Kona, folks.

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