Immigrants ask for help

Hundreds of demonstrators marched on the Roundhouse yesterday to rally for immigrant rights as lawmakers consider legislation that would effectively ban state agencies from cooperating with federal agents in deportation proceedings. The Trump administration has tried to block federal funding from so-called sanctuary cities for the same rules (Santa Fe is one of them).


A phone call by a distraught Santa Fe County mother to emergency responders has revealed that her estranged husband apparently threatened suicide, then scheduled an email to send after he'd killed himself, the couple's 3-year-old son and the family dog. The killings happened earlier this month, and each update seems more painful than the last.

Local control

The Legislature is considering a change to state law that would make it easier for local governments to provide their own electricity ($), including generating it from renewable sources. Santa Fe has considered such a move in the past, and the All Pueblo Council of Governors has endorsed the idea, too. PNM says it has many technical questions about the bill.

Not enough

A group of Republican lawmakers have called for state District Court Judge Louis McDonald to resign after he sentenced a drunken driver to three years in prison following a conviction for killing two people in a crash last year. Christie Noriega could have faced 30 years behind bars. Sentencing was complicated by a medical condition for Noriega and recommendations from the Corrections Department that any prison time be short. The families of the two victims, who were changing a tire on the side of I-25, support the call for resignation.

Baby, come back

The University of New Mexico didn't request a budget increase for its struggling Athletic Department to bring back the soccer, beach volleyball and ski teams that regents voted to eliminate last year. But lawmakers who were outraged following the decision have added $2 million into the budget to pay for the programs. The school apparently isn't looking a gift horse in the mouth, though, as men's soccer players say they were asked to come to the Capitol yesterday to meet with legislators.

Don’t answer that

It may not matter if you pick up that random FaceTime call on your Apple device. A bug in the group calling feature of Apple's video chat allows someone to call you and listen in even if you don't answer. The company says it's disabling the group chat feature for its popular calling service and says it will release a patch this week.

Fake news

Finally. Come to the Santa Fe Public Library's Main Branch at 2 pm today to learn about what actual fake news looks like. Or send the person who keeps forwarding you all that garbage to the library to learn about how to spot it and how to analyze it. Tear it apart for your Facebook friends and conspiracy theorists, who also may be both. It's free.

Get the picture

Less than four days remain for you to enter SFR's annual photo contest! Winners get their work published in the Locals Guide and will be part of our silent auction, which is a chance to hobnob with shutterbugs and swap stories and make off with great deals on photo art. Each entry costs $5.

Thanks for reading! The Word seems to remember that one of the winning photo entries last year was taken on an iPhone. So you have very few excuses.

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