What happened in Amalia?

Details about what exactly was happening at the Amalia compound are emerging, as the families of the five adults charged with child abuse get a chance to connect with the accused and victims, and learn more about the case. Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, accused of abducting his son from Georgia and taking him to the compound where he's believed to have died, is the son of a noted imam from Brooklyn, who described him as "high strung" but not "radical." Two of the elder Wahhaj's daughters lived there and have been charged as well. Siraj Wahhaj, the father, was reportedly the first Muslim to deliver a public prayer at the US House of Representatives. National broadcast crews have homed in on the story as well.


The CBS show Whistleblower will feature the case of Glenn Walp and Steve Doran tonight. The pair were brought in to Los Alamos National Labs in 2002 to investigate corruption, then later forced out.The prime-time show will devote an hour to their story, which SFR has covered extensively.

Trouble on the hill

Los Alamos County might have tried to hide improper reimbursements to the Regional Coaltional of LANL Communities, according to an outside investigation by an Albuquerque law firm. Daniel Chacon at The New Mexican reports the review shows the county, which was the fiscal agent for the group, might have falsified reimbursement forms ($) as scrutiny over the RCLC's spending grew.

Chan off … for now

A third attempt to try former Santa Fe County Sheriff's Deputy Tai Chan for murder has been dismissed by the special prosecutor in the case. Chan shot fellow deputy Jeremy Martin four years ago. There's a chance charges could be refiled, as they have been before. The Las Cruces Sun-News' Diana Alba-Soular does a nice job of explaining the ins and outs of the case ($) following a New Mexico Supreme Court ruling that threw the prosecution into disarray.

Big problem, tiny homes

Bernalillo County is trying to solve a homelessness crisis. The largely urban county has seemingly settled upon developing a community of tiny homes for transitional housing. It's on six sites in or near Albuquerque's International District, reports KUNM, but concerns about crime are driving opposition to the plan. The county held an informational meeting last night and plans two more next week.

The delicious RBG

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is in town, likely to catch some opera, but she definitely grabbed a tasty lunch at The Compound, as noted chef Mark Kiffin snapped a picture with the jurist before she left. Kiffin says he bought lunch for her secret service team and that Ginsburg left to a standing ovation.

Ya bunch of Hickoids

There's tons to do this weekend (the last one before Indian Market crowds gleefully descend on Santa Fe), but we'll go ahead and suggest you get out of town tonight to see a free show by the Austin "cowpunk" band, The Hickoids. We're big fans at SFR of both the band and Madrid, where they'll play with Imperial Rooster tonight at the Mine Shaft Tavern. Other weekend suggestions are here.

Cooler than cool

With the lone exception of Farmington (and probably some spots around the Four Corners) there's nary a 90-degree high in the statewide forecast today. That's seriously cool. Expect rain today and tonight, but it will dry out a bit on Saturday and Sunday, lessening the chance of storms. It will warm up in most places, but just a touch. Should be a great one!

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