Sanctuary sanctions lose

A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that an executive order issued in the first days of Donald Trump's presidency overstepped his authority. The ruling turned down a nationwide injunction on the president's plan to withhold federal funding from cities that refuse to assist immigration authorities, but left the measure in place for California. A few days ago, a different case that focused on Chicago also yielded a ruling that Fox News calls "a setback" for the US Justice Department when a federal judge said the feds can't access the city's jail and refused to dismiss a lawsuit.

No news 

Police didn't provide any new details Wednesday about a homicide at a Santa Fe home in the wee hours of Monday morning. The victim is identified as Robert Romero, a 52-year-old with two children who was an avid cyclist ($) and a local real-estate agent.

Blow out the candles 

The Santa Fe Farmers Market is celebrating its 50th birthday this weekend, and while its permanent home in the Santa Fe Railyard is a blessing for some, SFR unpacks parking and pedestrian woes as well as other challenges the organization faces. Our food writer also took on an Artisan Market operation that operates out of the farmers market building on Sundays, praising the beautiful vegan and gluten-free treats coming from Drift & Porter. Everyone agrees early risers get the best chance at a successful market experience.

Up in smoke

It was more than just candles that caught fire at a gas station in Gallup on Wednesday afternoon. The weekly newspaper Gallup Sun posted pics of the conflagration on its Facebook page and Albuqurque television news shared a video. Sun reporters say the building that went up with dramatic flames and explosions was a place where Max Hay & Feed stored both fireworks and hay. The blaze shut down Hwy. 491 in both directions.

Soggy books 

La Farge Library in central Santa Fe suffered at least $40,000 of damage last month when rainwaters found a pathway through the leaky roof and into the childrens' area. The facility remains closed this week, but The New Mexican reports ($) on the efforts to reopen. The library director says it's unclear how much insurance will cover. With help from its Friends of the Library fund and other options, she's sure the books will be replaced.

Party on 

A music festival planned this weekend in Taos by Santa Fe-based Meow Wolf is bringing big names bands such as The Flaming Lips and Thievery Corporation. It's got your standard music festival plans for close-quarters camping at Kit Carson Park, but the idea to advertise a "VIP teepee" didn't sit well with a woman who contacted KRQE. Will anyone show up in a headdress? Meow Wolf says it hopes not, noting on the festival web site, "We call for guests, vendors, and artists to respect all indigenous people and their respective cultures and to not participate in insensitive cultural appropriation."

Black and white and new all over

Not to go overboard with the Meow Wolfness, but our recommended plan to get out of the house tonight is also related. Santa Fe-based artist Nico Salazar creates iconic figures with a whimsical, cartoon feel (do you still have your 2017 SFR Best of Santa Fe cover?). Building on fame from his imaginative mural room at Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return, he has shown his artworks from Los Angeles to Tokyo, and tonight is the opening of a new show at the Jean Cocteau that runs through Aug. 31.

Fire and rain

Weather forecasts don't carry much excitement this morning, with the northern mountains looking at possible afternoon rain and temps in the mid to high 80s. That means it's steady as she goes for firefighters working on wildland blazes. The lightning-caused Venado Fire in the Jemez is about 66 percent contained, and a fire official says ($) we're close, but not quite out of the woods yet for the season.

Thanks for reading! The Word believes eating cake for breakfast is acceptable. Happy birthday, Farmers Market. 

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