Talent takes a hike

New Mexico's best and brightest often leave the state shortly after gaining a degree. After years among the states with both the highest rates of what's called out-migration and of unemployment, it's a rough go for recent grads in some of the most promising fields. And it's going to take a rare breed of politician to help plug the brain drain. Amy Linn at Searchlight New Mexico explains ($).

Human remains on West Mesa

A construction crew on Albquerque's West Mesa unearthed human remains just before the holiday. The discovery immediately called to mind the city's most notorious—and unsolved—serial killings. In 2009, the bodies of 11 women, one of whom was pregnant, were found buried a half-mile from the latest discovery. They were reported missing in 2003 or 2004. Investigators believe there may be a second burial site with more women who disappeared a few years after the first group.

Tale of two trails

Santa Fe has a bit of money left over from a decade-old bond issue. Next week, the City Council will decide ($) if it should go to the city's north side to connect a trail network with a dog park, or to the Southside to connect a faster-growing part of the city to schools and shopping. The Southside has long expressed frustration with a lack of capital spending in the working-class part of the city.

Regulations … ready

Selling marijuana in New Mexico is a taxing affair if you do it legally. The state has strict labeling rules that often seem to necessitate over-packaging by dispensaries. The result is unknown tons of waste. While much of it is plastic, it's surprisingly unrecyclable. SFR's Aaron Cantú catches up with dispensaries who are both frustrated and trying to think differently about cannabis containers.

Make ’em laugh

SFR's annual political cartoon contest is complete, and it's even better than last year. As you might expect, the polarizing president drew much of the fire from the, well, drawings.

Bosque burns

It's been a decade or so since the big fire in Albuquerque's bosque, but it's far from a distant memory. Each spark creates top-level response from the city, as yesterday's small fire did. It seems to be a manageable situation at the moment.

Join him

Have a kid between the ages of 11 and 14? Can they follow directions? Now you understand just a touch more about the annual search for Gloomies to help the Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe with its burning of Zozobra. SFR intern Roan Lee-Plunket checked in on the effort this year and found out there's change in the ranks of the torchbearer, too.

Chill out

Some moisture from the eastern part of the country is doing us a favor as it blows in and provides the missing moisture ingredient for storms. A decent chance of showers is expected into the weekend (which is still two days away) and highs will be pleasantly cooler. Finally. You folks in Las Cruces and Roswell and Carlsbad are some bad hombres this time of year (not that kind).

Thanks for reading! The Word is all out of whack with this mid-week holiday. Is it Monday? Friday? Are we supposed to be excited or bummed?

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