We take a break from the horse race coverage of the nascent general election to bring you horse race coverage of a horse race. You've likely heard that Justify became the 13th horse in the history of the sport to win the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and, on Saturday, the Belmont Stakes—the Triple Crown. The man on top of the colt was Mike Smith, a 52-year-old jockey from Roswell. The New York Times profiles Smith ($) and the horses he rode who won and who those died trying.

Equal pay

The University of New Mexico, which turns out large numbers of both graduates and controversies, is being sued by female professors who say they're being paid less than their male counterparts for the same work. A complaint investigated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found unequal pay across multiple departments totalling almost $3 million. And that's potentially just a slice of the discrepancy.

I shall be released

Mistakenly. The Metro Detention Center sent an accused murderer into Albuquerque's midst on Sunday, when the MDC's transport bus dropped off Duwin Perez-Cordova across from the police station. It seems the inmate may have stolen his cell mate's identity and none of the guards noticed the deception. He was still at large this morning.

The rule of (administrative) law

The state's Public Education Department continues to make changes to rules to try to ensure Gov. Susana Martinez' vision of education reform takes hold after she leaves office next January. The state wants to narrow the number of alternative ways students can graduate if they don't score high enough on competency tests. The PED's secretary designate says it will standardize the value of a high school diploma statewide. Of course, what's done administratively can often be undone the same way, and not even Republican candidate for governor Steve Pearce wants to keep parts of Martinez' system in place.

Dixon victims’ story

The people killed in the triple homicide two weeks near Dixon had hopes, victories, struggles and lives like the rest of us. The New Mexican's Sami Edge and Robert Nott found their families, made the difficult phone calls, and came away with stories ($) that tell you a lot more ($) than just "Three Dead in Homicide."

Why don’t you just tell me what poem you’d like to hear?

It's been a while since any of us have seen a telephone booth. If you're of a certain age, there's a chance you don't even know what one looks like—although there are still enough cultural references that you probably get the picture, and it's not as though the name is mystifying. But they have a sort of charm and they did represent a quiet space where people could talk on the phone. Novel concept, right? Even more novel is stepping inside one, dialing a number and hearing a poem. That's what a Cerrillos-based artist has planned for Santa Fe later this summer.

Durango fire keeps blazing

The 416 Fire, just north of Durango, is still chewing through forest in Colorado. Officials there expect a forest closure similar to the one on the Santa Fe National Forest, which is closed to recreational activity. The Durango Herald has been doing a terrific job of delivering the news during the blaze. The gallery from yesterday's action shows an aggressive fire almost doubling in size to nearly 17,000 acres by last night. Eight hundred firefighters are working in the steep terrain.

Stay golden

Our run of hot and dry days is going to stretch out a bit longer. Expect similar weather to this weekend through about Wednesday, when some moisture and all that heat may get together and start a family … or a storm. It's going to be hot across the state today. The National Weather Service says the last two weeks of June are often the hottest of the year for many spots in New Mexico.
Thanks for reading! The Word was out to dinner on Saturday, talking with a friend about how humid it felt. We swear we could smell carpets. Upon investigation, we found that humidity was at 13 percent. Yikes.

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