Can’t touch me

In the "yeah, but it's different when I do it" category, our latest entry comes from Gov. Susana Martinez, who has watched a growing stream of top political appointees make the move into protected bureaucratic positions ($). Martinez, you'll recall, was rather bothered by the same practice when she assumed the mantle of the state's highest office almost eight years ago.

Get rich

There's an oil boom down in the southeastern part of the state, but it's starting to look different than those of years past. The entry barrier for smaller oil producers is getting high enough to cause some to look elsewhere for profits. Technology needed to drill ($) into the increasingly difficult spots that do have oil is expensive. That means only the big guys have the cash to find oil.


The five design teams engaged to sketch ideas for the future of the city-owned Santa Fe University of Art and Design campus presented their ideas over the weekend. The drawings, designs and timelines all incorporate the priorities laid out in the city survey earlier this year, but they look different. If you missed the presentations, you can get a look and provide feedback online until Wednesday. There's a link in the SFR story.

Fires grow

Two wildfires burning west of Albuquerque near Grants have continued to grow, chewing through thousands of acres over the weekend. Forest managers have already closed part of the Mount Taylor Ranger District through the summer.

Picking up the slack

State Rep. Rod Montoya, R-Farmington, is set to be the defacto leader of the House Republicans as the party faces an uphill battle against its flagbearer, Donald Trump, to win seats in a presidential midterm election. With Rep. Nate Gentry of Albuquerque announcing he's not running for reelection, Montoya has been thrust into more statewide campaigning.


About 150 people rallied in support of gun rights ($) over the weekend in Santa Fe. Meant to provide a different voice to the March for Our Lives protests three weeks ago, the event drew far smaller numbers (The New Mexican estimated 4,000 for Santa Fe's March for our Lives) as some speakers accused Parkland students who've spoken out against gun violence as being "brainwashed."

We’re all gonna die (faster)

Still as patently true as it was on Friday, when the Word told you about how New Mexicans are more at risk of dying young. The state also leads the nation in risk of heart disease. There are too many factors to list, and the American Heart Association is busy trying to piece them all together, but we should all go for a walk.

So can we?

Yes, though it's going to be windy. Temps have warmed up considerably since Friday's dip into the 40s. Expect highs around 70 for much of the state. There's hardly any chance of rain, which is extremely problematic. It'll cool off the rest of the week, but tomorrow is going to be a windy hell of a day.
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