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With money from a tax increase set to begin flowing into its accounts soon, Santa Fe County is working toward groundbreaking for a new mental health triage center. But as that process goes on, the county is also trying to take the stigma out of seeking treatment for behavioral health episodes. Anyone "can have situational crises," county community services head Rachel O'Connor tells SFR's Aaron Cantú.

Supreme Court stalls disputed laws

In a split decision, the state's high court has put the implementation of 10 laws improperly vetoed by Gov. Susana Martinez on hold while it considers her appeal. The governor vetoed the bills in the last regular legislative session, but didn't send messages explaining why on some and missed a three-day deadline for action on others. Lawmakers successfully sued her and a lower court ordered the laws placed on the books.

A picture of health

Albeit a picture that's a little blurry. While the state Department of Health says fewer New Mexicans are having kids as teenagers or smoking, we're also fatter, boozier and more prone to heart disease and stroke than in years past. The state is also turning out decisions on medical marijuana cards in about a month's time ($).

Deputies arrest foster mother after child dies

In Belen, an 11-month-old foster child died in the care of a 55-year-old woman who didn't seek care when the child could have been sick with pneumonia. Deputies arrested her after a pathologist found the ailment. She allegedly said she was a respite caregiver for foster children through the Children, Youth and Families Department.

Bye, Tina

Santa Fe's only indoor gun range is closed. Tina Buchen of Tina's Range Gear on Airport Road says she's changing her business model to become an online weapons distributor. Predicting a future in which there will be no storefronts and "you can sit at home in your underwear and buy whatever you want," Buchen tells SFR that the new business, T's Just Guns, will sell everything she used to sell—including archery equipment.

Sick, bruh

If you haven't noticed by the barren cold and flu medication shelves at your local pharmacy, New Mexico is above the national rate for influenza according to numbers from the pre-Christmas week. Nearly 97 percent of us aren't sick, though, which is encouraging. Still time to get that flu shot, and still no cure for the common cold. Unless you're the Word's mother, in which case zinc and vitamin C will suffice.

How to fix higher ed

A committee formed to examine New Mexico's higher education governance says consolidating regents is not the answer. The state has 21 governing bodies for 31 institutions, making it one of the country's most decentralized higher education models. The study group worried consolidating governing boards would remove local control and understanding of policy decisions. In an interesting move, it recommended moving back to a governing board for all of higher ed, instead of a secretary.

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