‘Shoot him with my AR-15’

That's the threat police say Alejandro Valle made against the principal of Santa Fe High School. Valle's been arrested for it and charged with threatening violence. Police say principal Carl Marano turned away Valle, who goes to a different school on the same grounds as SFHS, when the student tried to come over to the high school. That's when Valle allegedly threatened to follow Marano after school and shoot him. The threats come after police arrested another teen in the past few weeks for developing a plan for a mass shooting at the high school.

Bum deal at WIPP?

State auditors are questioning a settlement agreement between the state Environment Department and the feds for deadline and nuclear waste handling violations. Centered on the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad, the deal let the feds avoid paying $54 million in fines for a radioactive release at the plant in 2014. Instead, the government was to spend $74 million on projects like road and water system repairs. But activists and now auditors say it appears some of those projects were already supposed to be completed under previous agreements.

Going public

Only one of the five candidates for mayor of Santa Fe has qualified for public financing. That's Ron Trujillo. Councilor Peter Ives tried for the $60,000 in funding, but didn't qualify. Councilor Joseph Maestas, Kate Noble and Alan Webber have all opted for private financing. The public money may seem like a lot, but taking it means candidates can't raise funds privately. Whether $60,000 is enough to run a citywide election these days is an open question.

Plane in vain?

Not so, say supporters of increased commercial service to Santa Fe's airport. The daily flights to and from Phoenix on American Airlines did well through the peak summer months, but the Northern New Mexico Air Alliance will once again step in and donate money to the airline to make up for low passenger loads in the winter months. The group says its total payments to American for the year of service will be below $200,000.

Bones, shoes and rumors 

Santa Fe police say there's nothing to the discovery of bone fragments and a pair of shoes found by construction workers who are remodeling the new headquarters of the International Folk Art Alliance. A supervisor at the site, just south of the Chicago Dog stand at Paseo de Peralta and Cerrillos Road, says it's not an unusual discovery when digging around downtown, but the discovery of shoes along with them was enough to call police. "Who buries animal bones in a shoe?" police told SFR.

Albuquerque sets murder record

With four deaths this week, the city of Albuquerque set a record for annual homicides as Mayor RJ Berry's term expired. With a month to go in the year, that total will grow and become the problem of new mayor, Tim Keller. Keller was sworn in last night and plans a public ceremony and a bunch of brewery-based watch parties this evening.

Hobbs priest charged

Police in the oil patch city of Hobbs are seeking to arrest a Catholic priest for criminal sexual contact. According to the charges, Rev. Ricardo Bauza showered with an adult man and washed the victim's body. The complaint also says he showed parishioners pictures of his genitals that he had on his phone.

Pecan larceny

Pecans might seem like an odd thing to steal, unless you've bought pecans. Slightly less expensive than gold, but definitely more tasty, the nuts are a major cash crop down south. Police in Artesia say someone's been stealing pecans off trees. If they made off with enough, the crime could be felony larceny. What's more, pecans there are still under quarantine as agricultural authorities try to stop the spread of the pecan weevil.

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