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Letters to the Editor: July 10, 2024

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(Anson Stevens-Bollen)

News, June 26: “Teachable Moment”

ISO dialogue

I am not a member of the Independent Women’s Forum, and had not even heard of it until the ad they ran. Yet I agree that there needs to be more discretion about transitioning minors.

European nations are adopting a more cautious approach. A series of systematic reviews of evidence for the benefits and risks of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones have shown a low certainty of benefits and that interventions are still in an “experimental” phase . Specifically, data collected and analyzed by public health authorities in Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and England have concluded that the risk-benefit ratio of youth gender transition ranges from unknown to unfavorable.

As a result, across Europe there has been a shift. Until there is reliable long-term evidence that the benefits of youth gender transition outweigh the risks, European countries are limiting most medical interventions to rigorous clinical research settings.

In contrast, in the US there is no middle ground between states that guarantee access to youth gender-affirming care and those that ban or severely restrict gender-affirming care for minors. Talk of introducing guardrails is branded as “transphobic” or “denying science.”

People calling for caution are not hating anybody and are not calling for the eradication of trans people. Furthermore, the number of detransitioners is increasing rapidly, even though they are shunned and discredited by the LGBTQ world. This should give everyone pause. Let’s have some real dialogue instead of nasty accusations.

P Smith

Santa Fe

Cover story, June 12: “The Fast and the Furious”

It’s the law(s)

The degradation of the livability of a city is related to its public safety. Law enforcement in Santa Fe obviously needs more support to do their jobs (yes, aggressive driving is a minute-to-minute danger in Santa Fe, as is texting and reading texts while driving (against the law in NM- Statute 66-7-374.) How about instituting car inspections? More cameras? Pass a law that maximizes the size of a tailpipe. I joined SAD (Stop Aggressive Driving) and look forward to a public meeting with them. Mayor Webber, please take a note from what happened at Boeing— and keep the plane of the City of Santa Fe flying safely.

Barbara Christiano

Santa Fe

The Fork, June 27: “Brunch Under the Balloons”

Just eat it

French Toast batter has eggs in it. Always. Without eggs, it would just be mushy bread. You are free to put a fried or scrambled or poached egg on top of the French Toast, as well, for extra protein. Many cakes also have eggs.

You’re welcome.

Stephanie Cook

Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada

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