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Letters to the Editor: June 12, 2024

Swim, eat, skate

(Anson Stevens-Bollen)

Online, June 9: “Shareback: two activists discuss their trip to the west bank”

Beware of bias

Beware of so-called “activists”, they have an agenda and it’s not hard to see where their sympathies lie.

Bruce Mendes, FACEBOOK

Cover story, June 5: “Summer Guide”

Swim, eat, skate

Thank you for everything you are doing for our community! I have a comment on a recent article “Just Keeping Swimming”.

Santa Fe has wonderful public pools with affordable prices, but unfortunately they have been operating part time or not at all in the last couple of years. Not mentioned in the article is that right now, Ft. Marcy pool is closed indefinitely, and GCCC pool is closed every afternoon, both because of lack of lifeguards. Bicentennial Pool and Salvador Perez Pool are both closed for repairs. See the current schedule here:

While repairs can be solved, the lifeguard shortage is a persisting problem. Apparently it is hard to find people willing to do this demanding job for a small hourly wage. This has caused our pools to be closed for long stretches of time over the last couple of years, especially during the summer when they are most needed.

Given how much the community has invested in our beautiful pools, and how important it is to enable everyone to acquire and practice swimming skills, it might be the time to upgrade the pay and benefits for lifeguards. Every year without pools creates a generation without sufficient swimming skills and further exaggerates the problem. Making lifeguard jobs desirable, and affordable swimming accessible, would decrease inequalities between those in Santa Fe who can afford club pools and spas listed in the article, and those who simply cannot.

Mirta Galesic

Santa Fe

Wow, did this make us hungry! Cheers to another season of beautiful opera under the stars with great food, great friends and great atmosphere!

Santa Fe Opera, Facebook

Thank you so much for including an article on @santafeskatenight in your Summer Guide! Come roll with us! Follow for meetups and more info at @santafeskatenight and also our @fullmoonsk8 series on IG. Next on the calendar we will be celebrating all of our friends and the ones we love with a Pride Skate Bring a friend or make some new ones! Sunday June 16 7pm at Herb Martinez Park. All wheels welcome.

Miranda Rivera, instagram

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