Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Cover, Oct. 25:Midtown in Motion

Sell the Campus

Your cover story on the Midtown Campus does a terrific job of suppressing the relevant facts, which is that no progress has been made since the city purchased the 64-acre campus in 2018, because it is a black hole of government incompetence from which no light escapes.

Your story did, however, use the word “community” a total of 14 times, which is interesting since that word has no meaning other than “sounds good to progressives so let’s say it a lot.”

The fair and functional solution is to privatize it. Auction the entire property to the private sector, either in chunks or in one piece, whichever brings a higher price for the city. Then let capitalists determine what to build, based on the highest possible return on capital. That would be social justice and would avoid wasting 64 acres of land in the middle of a land-starved city, as the city is doing now.

Rebecca Lee, Santa Fe

Online, Oct. 31:Cannabis Math

Unearned Confidence

Regarding [state Regulation and Licensing Department Public Relations and Marketing Specialist] Andrea Brown’s comment that, “While the data the [Cannabis Control Division] reports is self-reported by the licensees using BioTrack, the division feels confident that the sales are complete and accurate to the best of our knowledge.”

The CCD has recently issued several Notices of Contemplated Action that allege that licensees have improperly used the state’s track-and-trace system (called BioTrack) or have failed to use the system at all. Furthermore, the Notice of Final Action regarding Golden Roots, which recently had its license revoked, contains numerous findings regarding Golden Roots’ attempts to improperly use BioTrack. How can the division have such confidence that BioTrack has accurately recorded all sales when it has issued multiple disciplinary notices alleging improper/absent use of BioTrack?

Duke Rodriguez, CEO, Ultra Health

Letters to the Editor

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