Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

(Anson Stevens-Bollen)

Cover, Oct. 18: “Hanging in the Balance

State of disrepair

Schools are also voting precincts, and can also function as heating or cooling stations in preparation for climate change. Why are the schools in such a state of disrepair? Some residents might remember when Turquoise Trail Elementary was built supposedly for the growing population south of Santa Fe? It’s been a charter school for years. Neighborhood schools are important.

Laura Lovejoy-May, via Facebook

Here we go again

We’ve already saved it once, just keep it in the education system. Stop trying to shut down schools and diminish the education system. Don’t you think we’ve done enough damage to our education system over the last 40 years?

Johnny Bransford ,via Facebook

Online, Oct. 18:Accusations Mount in City Election

Go and vote

I observe that as we approach the end of campaigns, efforts are made to take jabs at the other parties. So, candidate [Phil] Lucero stating that incumbent [Michael Garcia] abstained from 23 votes while [Garcia] came back with Lucero just does not get the the process. Other comments about Garcia and the 3% excise tax show opinions for discussion. What is important to me is that people go and vote and then hold whoever is elected to doing something about the 24/7 illegal and unenforced loud vehicle muffler noise and “boom boxes.” This pollution adversely affects the lives of most citizens and visitors. Studies have shown that there are direct links between noise and health. Problems related to noise include stress related illnesses, high blood pressure, speech interference, hearing loss, sleep disruption, and lost productivity.

Tom Andrews, Santa Fe

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