Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Picks, Sept. 20: Night at the Museum

Impressed and excited

Excellent gala at the Vladem Contemporary Museum—beautiful museum with fantastic gallery space. The attendees, many who donated their hard-earned money to make this much needed, modern/contemporary museum a reality, and guests were understandably impressed and excited. The disparaging comment in the “7 Days” section regarding the Vladem Contemporary couldn’t be more wrong! And I quote, “It’s been a long road, but Guadalupe Street finally has a place that locals can visit once and forget about forever.” Ouch! The area was hopping, people were eating out, visiting the other [galleries] that were open around the event, and there were smiles, laughter and music to be enjoyed by all. The vision of renowned architect, Devendra Narayan Contractor, was an experience to be enjoyed and appreciated by locals and tourists, alike and can only be an asset to all of Santa Fe!

Maneta Siegel via Facebook

News, Sept. 20: Into the Teen Scene

It’s Yours, Youth

This is wonderful. Take care of your space, kids. Treat it like your home. Have fun and learn new things and meet new people.

Gloria Roybal via Facebook

Online, Sept. 23:Opuntia Café to Close

Not a great sign

Very sad to hear of yet another smaller restaurant closing its doors. It must have been soul crushing for the owners the past few years so kudos to them for sucking it up everyday for their dreams and employees. Not a real great sign of the health of the local business climate. The options are beginning to dwindle...hindsight is not helpful, but I’m sure they wished they’d remained a small Baca Street eatery. Best luck to the Opuntia owners and employees in their next chapters.

David Tynan, Santa Fe

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