Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


3 Questions, Nov. 23: “With Incoming Northern New Mexico College President Hector Balderas”

For the North

Great article about Northern’s new president...I’m reading it on the “NewsBreak” app. I am the Rio Grande Weaving teacher there, so love that you took the time for this article for all of us up here! Thank you.

Heather L Howard, Española

Feedback Loop

Santa Fe Reporter and its staff provide an essential public service on issues that matter to all of us who called the city and county of Santa Fe home. I appreciate and applaud your brilliant reporting on COVID-19 and other health issues; the state of city government and its provision of critical resources to its constituents and important political and judicial matters.

Your calendar of events is indispensable. Your only weakness is the embarrassingly awful, adolescent, and utterly unreadable The Fork. The dude who writes these articles seems to be in a perpetual state of intoxication and stupor, with barely competent command of two-syllable words. He does an injustice to his colleagues, your readers, Santa Fe restaurants, and to food itself.

Furthermore, the interns who have trained with SFR staff bring an unjaundiced eye and journalistic flare to their reporting. I follow the career of one intern subsequent to her SFR internship.

A very happy holiday season to you and yours, et merci beaucoup encore.

Deborah Tefo, Santa Fe

Letters to the Editor

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