Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Cover, Nov. 16: “The Plight of the Pinyon Jay”

Love for the littles

It’s been a rough year for the little things out here. Fire, flooding, remediation has done damage to nests, caches, and forage; early single digit overnight lows and snowfall aren’t helping. Put out seed/water/suet. Throw old berries out in the yard. Be mindful of nests & forage.

Joe Kelly, via Twitter @adjectivenoun

No sleep in these pjays

I just wanted to send my appreciation for that wonderful article on p-jays and their current situation. It was great to hear the perspective of Peggy Darr and Kristine Johnson. Thank you for being there and providing us awesome local information!

Nav Khalsa

Food, Nov. 16: “Felipe’s Tacos Founder Felipe Martinez to Retire Next Month”

What next?

First we have to live without fajitas on the Plaza, now this.

Samuel M Herrera, via Facebook

The best

Happy for Felipe! Sad for everyone who loves his food! Best tacos in Santa Fe!!

Cheyek Peek, via Facebook

Online, Nov. 17: “NM Health Officials Report on “Triple-Threat”

On advice to mask

Hooray for sane people. New Mexico has issues for sure, but there are a lot of sane people here.

Chris McMahon, via twitter @chris_mcmahon

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