Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Cover, Aug. 3: “Native to the Game’”

Grand-slam homerun

Juju and Kyle! Way to represent, boys. Solid ballplayers and GREAT teammates!

Larry Mirabal via Facebook

Morning Word, Aug. 3: “Virgin Galactic announces planned ‘astronaut campus’”

Place, not space

The astronaut campus is for millionaires/billionaires who have so much money they don’t know where to spend it. Meanwhile we have folks who are homeless on our streets and others trying to stay off the streets who cannot find affordable housing. The income inequality in this country is shameful and despicable. We have second and third homes in Santa Fe that sit empty most of the year. Instead of trips into space and astronaut campuses, what we need is well-funded mental health and addiction services, huge taxes on upscale homes and affordable housing for average Santa Feans.

Pelican Lee, via Facebook

7 Days, July 27

Celebrate and cherish

I know snark is the stock in trade of the 7 Days column, but criticism of Pope Francis #4 was mistaken. Not only did the elderly pope travel to Canada to offer sincere apologies to the Nations, but he was received in the same spirit of mutual respect. The headdress was presented as a symbol of this beautiful moment. It was not appropriation. Fox News doesn’t need your help to misrepresent this historic meeting. Let’s celebrate and cherish the few and far between moments of understanding and acknowledgment. Snark elsewhere.

M. Dean, El Prado

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