Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Cover, June 15: “I Sell the Car”

Connected with this

So well said! I laughed, was sad at some of the statistics, connected with your feelings about your bike and although I am not ready to give up my car—mostly because I am scared to death when riding my bike in Santa Fe—I loved loved your article! Thank you.

Suzanne Berg, Santa Fe

Clever Guy

I loved the piece. It was entertaining, informative, and cleverly constructed. I appreciate good writing, especially when it’s relevant to our times. Thanks for a great article, worth the time to read.

Susan Vorhees Santa Fe

News, June 8: “Community Connection”

Caught unaware

I wanted to say thank you for this article. I wonder how many other people had no idea this was planned, with contracts to be awarded in July. I found the county’s web page detailing plans for the project, and realized I had missed the public meeting and the end of the public input time on May 11. I don’t live in the affected area, but have used the Spur Trail a lot over the years. Friends and I walked it from the current parking lot to the left hand turn this morning. That part of the trail won’t be very pleasant once the connector road is built...Oshara Village will benefit greatly from the Southeast Connector. Rancho Viejo from the roundabout at Avenida del Sur and Richards will probably suffer as more people use that road to get to I-25 at NM 14. When I saw the headline, I thought the article would be about connecting Richards from Siringo to Rodeo Road, but that will probably never happen since people in that area have been aware of and opposed to that change for the last 20 years or more. Making people aware of proposed change, and responding to their needs, seems to happen seldom.

Peggy Medina Giltrow, Santa Fe


Last week’s 3 Questions gave the wrong address for Street Animal Project: nnmshap@gmail.com

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