Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Online, Jan. 6: “Burning Threat”

We’re in danger

I want to thank you for reminding us of the threat of wildfire. Wildfire is the greatest existential threat to our community (at least in terms of imminent destruction), yet a threat we all too often ignore.

I urge you to continue the story. Alerting us to the danger is critical but only if that leads us to address the danger.

So, what can we do? If you research this question, you will find much advice for individuals—how we can defend our homes against wildfire and how we can prepare to evacuate in the event of wildfire. All of this is valuable. You can find, but not so easily, advice on what we can do to protect our community as a whole to prevent wildfire from ever reaching our homes.

These are measures which would mitigate, if not eliminate, the danger of wildfire. These measures are centered on creating fuel breaks which would reduce fire intensity in protective bands around the city. Consider the city and the Santa Fe National Forest plans—City of Santa Fe Wildland Urban Interface Wildland Fire Hazard and Risk Analysis and Santa Fe Mountains Landscape Resiliency Project.

These plans should be pursued with urgency. They are not—for lack of political will, lack of funding and lack of attention. You could correct the last.

Nick Knorr, Santa Fe

News, Jan. 5: “Downtown (in)access”

City has not improved

My wife grew up in Santa Fe and we often visit the city to see her mother. We are disappointed that the city hasn’t improved access for all, especially individuals with disabilities. Sidewalks are scarce and existing sidewalks are poorly maintained. Come on, Public Works!

Keith Bearden via Twitter @lkbearden1962

Letters to the Editor

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