Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


News, Nov. 3: “Turned Out the Lights”

Trade Deficit

I was one of the artists affected, but instead of receiving money which never came, I found myself negotiating trades with Kelly Haug—I now feel that I was not the only one.

What I must say is other than all the loans they took out, I cannot help but think of The Essential Guide and the upcoming Santa Fean magazine. I know what it cost to buy a page, all the thousands of dollars that artists and business owners handed over, and nothing was printed for future exposure. Where did the money go? Most of us are recovering from the huge setbacks in all ways of 2020, so I feel for the ones who were looking forward to their ads. All I can say is truly Kelly and Martin Haug deep down know the truth.

SJ Shaffer, Santa Fe

The Fork, Nov. 4: “A Brief History of Weird-Ass Thanksgiving Foods”

The Real Reason

Retired chef here, moving to Santa Fe this spring for beautiful weather, culture, hiking, and liberal policies. That’s what I am telling my husband. Real reason: FOOD. The restaurants, the food trucks, the farmers market (be still my heart), the flipping great Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s! ...So glad I stumbled onto your site and am looking forward to many great things from you. FYI cracking up over the jello turkey.

Christine Kamm, Valparaiso, Indiana

News, Nov. 3: “Dismembered "

Representation Matters

I have enjoyed reading your article in the recent Santa Fe Reporter. I trust there will be a follow up article to articulate when and why the other two Black members of the task force resigned....

I see no reference to Native American participation on the task force, which I find surprising since there are known regular incidents between the police and Native Americans. Are they represented, or is there acknowledgement by the two Hispanic councilors that this is an important [aspect] to cover?

My final note is that I have heard in the past of negative interactions between the younger Anglo members of the community and the police. Is the Anglo, non-Hispanic, community represented or considered by the task force?

I applaud this work by the councilors, and the City Council, and the Reporter for bringing this taskforce to the attention of the community. This is the first I had heard of it.

Bill Adrian, Santa Fe

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