Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


News, Oct. 13: “Land in Limbo”

Opposition Movement

I was fascinated to see how differently SFR is covering the Airport Road project compared to the Zia Station project.

You’ve got comments from nearby residents, the opposition movement is treated respectfully, you have no comment from Homewise and there is some sense of respect for the open space that will be lost. It’s a stark contrast to your Zia reporting.

I’m also surprised and disappointed that you haven’t reported on the citizen due process issue that is at the core of the Zia appeal. We are currently awaiting the judge’s ruling on whether Candlelight Neighborhood Association should be dismissed from the appeal. The developer and city are arguing we don’t exist, we’re “a phantom,” even though we followed all of the city’s rules on registering as a neighborhood association. If the judge goes along, no neighborhood association in the city will have standing to challenge a project. I do hope you will re-visit this issue and its implications for land use decisions at a time when Santa Fe is experiencing intense development pressure.

Joan Conrow Santa Fe

Gone! Forever!!

It was brought up by several residents (and me) that they purchased their properties based on representations that the land was parkland and would not be developed. It was also noted that the area is a “food desert.” The city should obtain the land and use it as passive parkland and a community garden.

The area is in great need of open space and once developed the sprawl continues and the opportunity is lost! Gone! Forever!! In light of the recently reported government funding and the request for suggested uses for these funds, this is a perfect opportunity to secure open space “breathing room” in a currently overcrowded and traffic-intense area.

Remember—when it’s developed, it’s too late to undo it and reclaim the open space.

Ruth Blaser Santa Fe

Cover, Oct. 13: ”Bottom Dollar”

Working on It

Low wages, and high housing, Santa Fe is working on it, but they have a way to go. Progress takes time

Pamalita Paloma Alioto Via Twitter @pamalitapaloma

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