Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


News, Sept. 15: “Open Space Shuffle”

Nuclear neighborhood

I have been a resident of the South Meadows area for 15+ years and enjoyed walking in the green space located along the South Meadows Road between Agua Fría Road and Airport Road. This space has provided me and my neighbors solace during the COVID-19 pandemic and a cooling haven for the local wildlife. Sadly I learned that the 22 acres was quietly purchased by Homewise to build homes, school and playground. There was no neighborhood input on this purchase. No transparency!

This particular site has a toxic secret. Located above 22 acres of green space is the old Eberline plant, 5981 Airport Road, that produced radioactive detection equipment. There’s always been these questions. Are there radioactive materials still on the property? Has there been any soil and ground water contamination that has leached into the green space located below? Has there been any recent environmental reports concerning this issue? I would demand that the results be made publicly available regarding the site and green space no matter what the costs. This is my health, my neighbor’s health, and neighborhood. Honestly, it’s all about the money. Leave the green space alone.

Rebecca Schneider, Santa Fe

Morning Word, Sept. 17: “Fungi Fun”

Past peaking

I must disagree with you about “Fungi Fun” published in today’s Morning Word. I hike the Aspen Vista Trail every week and mushroom season has been over for at least two weeks. Although wild mushrooms were plentiful this year and I photographed and identified many varieties, there were none to be found on my hike this morning. Last week I found only one hawkeye mushroom and a small patch of dying lobster mushrooms. The best time for mushrooms this year on the Aspen Vista Trail was mid-August when many Boletus were popping up everywhere!

Thanks again for The Morning Word—I read it every day!

Louise Roach, Eldorado

Letters to the Editor

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