Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Online, Sept. 8: “For the kids”

Missing at teen center

No skate park?

Dave Rare Via Facebook

Online, Aug. 27: “Wildland Thinning”

Floors not fuels

Wildland thinning is good and useful? Yes for those making money at it. Everyone you quote has a financial interest in deforestation through thinning and burning. The public needs to learn about the other side of the story. The forest floor isn’t fuel. It’s a complex ecosystem. If it is opened up from thinning the sun and wind dry out the forest floor and make it more prone to fire not less prone. Chad T. Hanson is a respected research ecologist and author of the John Muir Project and Smokescreen: Debunking Wildfire Myths to Save Our Forest and Our Climate (from the Forest Service).

Fred King. Santa Fe

The Fork, Sept. 9: “Peach=Human Butt”

Never heard of it

I know you just adore juvenile humor and language, although for some reason I think you’re actually older than your column portrays you. However, you have really sunk to a new low with your peach and human anatomy reference. I’ve been on this planet much longer than you have and never once have I heard anyone make that asinine comparison. Yes, I used that adjective on purpose. Honestly, who do you think your readership is—12 year old boys? You’re not funny any more.

No longer a Fork Fan, because I’m a grown-up,

Jeanne Cunningham via email


Last week’s news story gave the wrong location for the Pregón mass that kicks off Fiesta. It’s at Rosario Chapel.

A box in last week’s cover story gave the wrong date for the beginning of expanded early voting. It’s Oct. 16.

Last week’s 3 Questions with Erin Currier erroneously identified Thunberg as Icelandic. She’s Swedish.

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