Online, July 20: “Artificial Only”

County Logic Smells

An economic barrier to entry for individuals and businesses. New Mexico really doesn’t have the luxury to stymie growth of any kind. The argument against smell is disingenuous. I think their intent is revealed when they try to hide it from view. It reminds me of those trying to prevent people from displaying pride flags. It is the whole out of sight, out of mind thing wrapped around blatant discrimination.

Andi Adams

via Facebook

Food, July 7: “So You’re Looking For a Breakfast Burrito [Vol. 1]”

High Praise

I really, really, really hope Volume 2 gives the El Chile Toreado breakfast burrito the high praise it deserves!!! Perfect egg to potato ratio and the bacon with green chile will bring a tear to your eye (in the best possible way). Best in town, IMO.

Karen Worthvia


News, July 14: “Unsealed Energy”


This Avangrid/PNM merger is so problematic. We need to start talking about nationalizing our electricity. If it’s publicly owned, the profits go back into our communities instead of the pockets of greedy CEOs and shareholders. The prices stay lower because there’s no longer an incentive to rip people off.

Odessa Sawyer

Santa Fe


The story “Pets without Vets” in the July 7 edition spelled Rowan Welcome’s name wrong and gave an incorrect job title. She’s the owner and manager of Route 66 Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Center and a veterinary technician.