Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


News, July 7: “Pets without Vets”

Needed Light

Thank you, SFR, for shining a needed light on this problem. This is the kind of thing our elected officials should be working on, along with housing and water issues, to make Santa Fe more livable for current residents.

Kara Hetrick via Facebook

News, June 30: “Open Secrets”

Is this a joke?

So let me get this, we are supposed to trust the same district attorney that hasn’t held criminals accountable, and actually failed to prosecute the many crimes of the man that was killed. If she’d done her job that man might have been in jail or a mental facility rather than being a danger to himself and others. Her plan is to review and let us know whether “she thinks it justified”? Seems like there would be some laws you’d want to follow instead of what “you think.” First Judicial District Attorney, is this a joke? We should just trust you? You don’t even know how to apply restorative justice, much less determine whether a shooting is justified! Santa Fe Reporter, you should be embarrassed by this biased article. You might as well put on a cheerleaders outfit and stand outside the DA’s office.

Charles Sena via Facebook

3 Questions, July 7: “With Intimacy Director Zoe Burke”

Tricky Situation

I love that this profession exists. It sounds like a fantastic idea to navigate tricky situations and to ensure all parties involved are okay with the situation.

Rollin Tylerr jones via Twitter @LakerfanTJ

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