Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Online, June 22: “Zoned Out”

Facepalm Emoji

Why is Santa Fe so bad at this? How hard can it be to get best practices from other states and use those to implement things in a timely manner??

Kim Duke via Facebook

Summer Guide, June 2: “Ode to Diablo”

The Devil’s Art

It’s impossible to imagine the softness and brilliant palette nature paints the sky and bounces off the canyon walls without experiencing it personally. Thanks for sharing.

@19Fernbc3 via Twitter

Online, June 23: “Santa Fe Police Fatally Shot Man Downtown”

Crime Time

You can thank the worthless mayor for the increase in crime, homelessness and beyond. Born and raised in SF, I have never seen the crime the way it is now over the past few years.

Rick Gilligan Fair-Ohlee via Facebook

Obeliskly Not

Why did he run? Didn’t he know the DA would let him off and let him do a restorative justice program?

Samuel M. Herrera via Facebook

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