Cover, April 28: “What We Have”

Short Term Reasons

Back before the San Juan/Chama project people talked about water limiting the population size of New Mexico. We’re never going to get another project like that. The people of the Colorado River drainage would scream. We have to get real about our situation and so does Texas. Probably we really need the federal government to step in on the western water disputes. Beyond that trees are dying up here around Santa Fe from lack of water. There is not a lot of reason for optimism in anything like the near term.

Mark Battey via Facebook

News, April 14: “Zia Station Timeline: Moving Dirt”

View From My Car

Oh boy! That intersection is a hell hole now, can’t wait to see what packing it with thousands more in daily traffic can do! And right at the entrance to this fine city. At least make the sign be honest: “Welcome to Santa Fe! Please enjoy your hour-long backup to I-25!”

J Mullany via Twitter @jhmullany

Online, April 23: “State Allows Houses of Worship to Fully Open, Urges Caution”

Do the Math

Please get the jab. Getting COVID-19 and passing it on to a family member may be something to avoid doing to a friend or loved one.

Lawrence Israel via Facebook


The “Rates of Return” story in last week’s edition gave the wrong pronoun for Andel Trujillo. She is the site coordinator with Communities in Schools at Salazar Elementary.