Cover, April 21: “Market Forecast”

Think Twice

During a time in which we should be avoiding crowds, it seems like a bad idea. We haven’t reached herd immunity and people will be traveling from all over the world. COVID continues to spread globally. I’m concerned about the impact it could have on those of us who live here, even if being outside is considered to be safer.

Kristen Lieving Via Facebook

Welcoming Hordes

I am concerned about large crowds—and people coming from areas of the country where COVID isn’t well controlled—descending on us en masse. I would love to see some return to something like normal but I’m concerned this isn’t the best idea.

Becca Anderson Via Facebook

A&C, April 21:“Civil Rights Come to NM”

More Reform

That’s awesome...we need it bad here in New Mexico. Also NM needs to get rid of police unions and start holding these poorly trained and uneducated cowards ACCOUNTABLE!

Tommy Romero Via Facebook

News, April 21: “Bidding war”

Another One

We don’t need another frickin hotel.

Ashley Hartshorn Via Facebook