News, March 31: “Return to Learn”

Give them a chance

There's been a rise of 25% in student suicide rates nationally, and it has affected Santa Fe. It's been attributed to being locked out of school and away from each other: the loneliness factor. It has affected them emotionally and painfully. Can we do something for them? As a former teacher in the SFPS, can I make this suggestion: No matter how many days kids are back in school now, and in the immediate future, can teachers be allowed to spend one day or half a day every week, to give classmates a chance to socialize, do group activities, talk about their experiences during COVID-19 and its aftermath, and also get any special academic help from their teachers and from other kids helping each other out? It would be an act of kindness to them and could save a life!

Jude Redstone
Santa Fe

Ad, March 31: 


My family has been part of the United States for only 150 years, and I have been part of the Santa Fe community for only 20 years. I call Santa Fe home. I came here attracted to the land, the history of its people and the rich blend of many cultures and economic classes. No matter who lived here, there had always been a history of the inhabitants welcoming the stranger, and a deep sense of compassion and respect for all, no matter who they are.

One of the many attractants that drew me to move here was learning about Union Protectiva, with its focus that the dead are to be always honored. One of the many aspects of the Hispanic component of the Santa Fe community that made it so unique and special in its appeal to me.

I am an Anglo, and not a Roman Catholic, but felt that I was welcomed here because of my sharing the values of hospitality to the stranger and community support of its members. Now, I am not so sure of that.

Imagine my dismay in reading the Union Protectiva ad in the Reporter that seems to be attacking Mayor Webber for not being Hispanic and a Catholic. The Mayor has made mistakes, he has admitted that. As an American, I feel it is my responsibility to vote, and to vote for the person that I feel can best do the job. Depending on who runs against Mayor Weber, I may be voting for someone else that I feel can do a better job than he has done. But I will not be basing my vote on the candidate's heritage or faith, nor based on a political ad that is so vindictive and does not demonstrate what I feel are the values of the Santa Fe community.

Bill Adrian
Santa Fe


A story in last week's edition misstated when teachers are required to return to Santa Fe Public Schools. Teachers who are fully vaccinated or who have chosen not to receive the vaccine will be back in the classroom on April 6. Teachers who have received their first dose by that date but are still waiting for the second dose have until April 19 to return.