Online, Feb. 10: “Gov: New Mexico’s COVID-19 Outlook Positive”

Let’s Be Fair

I just read your write-up from yesterday's COVID-19 Update with Michelle Lujan Grisham and Drs. David Scrase and Tracie Collins…Congratulations to you for asking about hospitals giving preference to their own patients to the exclusion of the wider eligible community. This of course flies in the face of the impression that the NM DOH has given that citizens are chosen impartially through their registration system.

You were very diplomatic in raising this issue, although we both know that here in Santa Fe, Christus St. Vincent has systematically been limiting vaccinations to their own patients.

Now both our governor and the health secretary are on record as saying that this is not right. I hope they will take corrective action immediately and align their intentions with practices on the ground. Both the state and national media have been drawing much needed attention to the equity issues involved in distributing COVID-19 vaccines and I'm encouraged to see that you and [the Reporter is] engaging decision makers on this critical concern.

David Roy

Food, Feb. 10: “Beer and Cookies”

Miss Ya

Blue Corn has been a longtime favorite of ours in its Cerrillos Road location. Certainly wish the owners the best, but I for one will miss the Santafean Blue Corn name and their brown ale.

Glenn L. Pearsall
Santa Fe

News, Jan. 26: “Bring on the Burn”

Against Setting Fires

Is this what the Reporter calls an article? It sounds more like an opinion piece to me. Ms. Cantor sounds more like an apologist for the Forest Service than a reporter. There is no mention of the good reasons why people may be upset on social media other than "it is the wrong time of year to see burns." And there is no mention of scientists who have a different view of how to "manage" forest fires other than setting forest fires. She certainly covered what the Los Alamos Lab is working on. Is it standard for your articles to not present any alternative views from the citizens of Santa Fe?

Pat Walke
Santa Fe