News, Jan.6: “The Case for Compost”

I am happy that Reunity Resources' Doorstep Program has been successful, but I was disappointed that there was no mention of any successful home composting programs in the Santa Fe area, like straw-bale vermi-composting with red wiggler worms. Over 200 Eldorado residents use this system and it provides a great compost as well. While it's true that avocado pits and citrus peels take a long time to break down, vermi-composting does an excellent job on veggie wastes and coffee grounds. Pam Walker should give it a try!

Chris Harrell
Eldorado 285 Recycles Program

Letters, Jan. 6: “Let’s Just Not”

We’re Not Done

Thank you for your reporting on this! I see that this is the most recent article covering the removal of colonizer-celebrating monuments and it was written almost two months ago. I have not seen any follow up on the CHART proposal, or any proposals for moving forward on Mayor Webber's promise to remove three monuments (De Vargas in Cathedral Park, the Plaza obeslisk and Kit Carson obelisk by the courthouse)—one of which is still standing.

The pattern of officials making statements with no follow through is repeating itself, but we will not forget what still needs to be done. We need to fight for a restorative justice approach which explicitly means we engage in a process of reconciliation and not criminalizing. City officials: Drop the charges for the "Obelisk 6." Lead the way in taking action to remove the Kit Carson obelisk. I do not see how we can move forward with a reconciliatory process of any kind while folks are being charged and promises are not being followed through on.

I highly encourage anyone who wants a thorough history of the obelisk and the events leading up to its removal to check out Santa Fe Art Institute's (SFAI) Tilt podcast series Unsettled.

Carey Cramer
Santa Fe