Online, Dec. 21: “Ex-Cop: city and mayor retaliated for whistleblowing”

For Shame

This is so shameful. May justice prevail and if these claims are legit may there be consequences for those involved.

Elizabeth Scarinzi
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News, Dec. 16: “Eviction Seesaw”

See Social Injustice

Another significant article on a profoundly important social justice issue, as 8,000,000+ Americans fall below the poverty line in this country in the last nine or so months alone.

Although you may be in comparatively early days as a journalist, Katherine Lewin, you are exceptional! I know whereof I speak because I read many domestic and international newspapers and magazines. You have an important and prominent career ahead. How fortunate we readers of SFR are in the shrewd eye your editor and publisher cast on prospective staff, and life as it is in New Mexico.

Kudos and best wishes!

Deborah Tefo
Santa Fe

Online, Dec. 22: “Prevention Supplies”

Total Waste

This was a total waste of money. It was scary to receive unmarked bottles of who knows what. Money could have been put to better use!

Tina Richards
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The Fork, Dec. 17: “Real Things Ryan’s Abuelita has said about Christmas”

Bright Spot

Thank you for being a bright spot this year. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy 2020-is-almost-over.

Kim Duke
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