News, Dec. 1: “Targeted for Pollution”

Workforce Needs This

I really appreciated the article "Targeted for Pollution" by Katherine Lewin. Before reading it, I knew nothing about the Associated Asphalt and Materials operation except where it is on the highway. New Mexico has a deep and rich history (pun intended) of mining and milling its natural resources, but the Santa Fe Eavesdropper would never overhear that tidbit around town. The blue-collar worker isn't genuinely appreciated here. So, Associated Asphalt and Materials intends to "operate around the clock…365 days a year"? Reads like new job openings with consistent hours and benefits. Reads like trade opportunities for young adults, including those who live in the Southside.

I understand the concerns and complaints of the environmental stewards, but isn't it obvious that tough sacrifices must be made to sustain our city? Santa Fe's favorite industry has been closed for months except for carry out, and many of its workers have been laid off! The City Different needs a different employer to hire its working class, who should only need a high school diploma (or GED), a strong back, and a good attitude to apply. [New Mexico Environmental Law Center lawyer Eric] Jantz was partially correct: "you would never, ever, ever see something like this…for Bishops Lodge or Canyon Road" only because the geology and the old city infrastructure would make construction of a factory nearly impossible, or else a factory would loom over the Santa Fe River or Rio Tesuque at the base of our beloved mountains. Just like the "people who live on the northside of town," I'm certain that nobody else in Santa Fe would allow that to happen either.

Jayce Frye
Santa Fe

Online, Dec. 14: “Christus Receives, Prepares to Deliver First COVID-19 Vaccines”

Give Scientists Credit

Thank God for all the brilliant scientists who made this happen. They will never be known like stars or Hollywood stars but there is a special place for them in heaven.

Theresa L. Sherman
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Thank you frontline workers for all you have done and are doing for us.

Kate Carswell
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