Online, Nov. 13: “NM Gov: Statewide Shutdown as of Monday”

Our Furry Friends

While I appreciate the governor's efforts to protect our citizens during COVID, New Mexico's companion animals suffer during closures of animal grooming services. Myself and many other groomers have repeatedly attempted to contact the governor's office to no avail. Virtually every other type of animal service is allowed to function albeit with restrictions that most shops have already self-imposed.

Contrary to the impression some people have, the services provided by professional pet groomers should not be considered strictly cosmetic. They are ancillary to and complement the medical services provided by veterinarians. The care that groomers provide helps to prevent and manage conditions such as skin and ear infections, matting, infected anal glands and joint pain from overgrown nails.

Our companion animals are sentient beings. Their mandated neglect is causing actual pain and suffering. The average pet owner does not have the training or equipment to safely groom their pet at home. Denying them access to a service that maintains the health, sanitation and well-being of a loved family member contributes to feelings of helplessness that are taking a toll on many members of our community.

It is my hope that you can help us shed some light on the issue and hopefully initiate discussion with our elected officials.

Nikoletta Zotos
Owner, Turquoise Tails

Cover, Nov. 18: “After the Obelisk”

Nothing is Something

I vote for absolutely nothing. Fill the space in with flagstone, add some benches and leave it at that. We are never going to agree on what is to go there so let's just cut to the chase and fill the space in with nothing.

Mary Jo Halpin
via Facebook