Cover, Nov. 11: “The Flow of Water”

Given So Much

I love Roger. This man has given so much to our community already. I cannot wait to see what he can accomplish with this new position.

Aviva Baumann
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A Leader

You are a leader for our times. Thank you, Roger.

Carla Lopez
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The Fork, Nov. 12: “A Case of the Sadsies”

Save the Turkeys

I am so glad those people at [Embudo Valley Organics] no longer raise birds for slaughter (don't see how people are able to do a good job at that and still sleep at night). They must be so cute when they are young, like all babies are.

You seem helpful and nonjudgmental and somewhat uncomfortable at having to be supportive in such a time. Right on.

I wonder if the people at McDonald's and Pizza Hut know that you can't throw your Beyond Meat on the grill without cleansing off previous hamburgers and slices of Canadian bacon. A perfectly meat-greaseless space on the grill is needed for those of us who haven't had meat in 30 years and would like to avoid food poisoning and bad karma. But I totally applaud the uplift in consciousness that makes meat-free fast food even a possibility. I do appreciate the thought.

Cheryl Bartlett

Food, Nov. 11: “Deliverance”

Skarsgard Farms FTW

They were a livesaver when I had COVID-19..and deliver in Santa Fe.

Jenn Burrill
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The A/C feature in our Nov. 11 edition, "Reconcilation and Intervention," named the wrong statue removed by city officials at Cathedral Park. That statue was of Diego de Vargas. SFR regrets the error.