Cover, Oct. 28: “Make it Stop”

Echo Chamber

What a collection of echo chamber comments! I, too, think Trump is egotistical, a bully and a narcissist. But he was badly needed in the White House. He has done great things about immigration, the Supreme Court, trade, avoiding new military engagements, the DC swamp and calling out the blatantly biased media.

Loren Jost

Owning It

I love the Reporter because they keep it real and never pull their punches! Papers like this are what freedom of speech is all about. Power to the free press! The Reporter offers local news and opinions from residents of Santa Fe. Those screaming fake news at this publication have obviously never read it. Is it a liberal publication? Absolutely. The writers for the Reporter report the facts and offer their opinion, which is usually liberal. There isn't anything fake about it. If you don't care for their opinion, don't read it. They very rarely get their facts wrong but when they do, they own up to it.

Rachael Hemann
Via Facebook

Online, Oct. 22: “Us Versus Them”

Dare You

I would like to express my comments in regards to this article that is turning a lot of heads and questioning law enforcement. As a wife of a City of Santa Fe police officer, I am deeply upset about this article and the views of the "whistleblower." How dare you use the thin blue line as any kind of negative symbol except comradery within law enforcement. Shame on you. My children and I watched as police were mistreated and verbally abused by "law abiding citizens" while destroying a piece of history within our city. Try explaining to your children how people don't respect people and because of that, dad may not come home, ever. Who's the bad guy in situations like this?

I pray that the people of this city who share this young man's views, that Artemesio Romero y Carver himself never needs assistance or life-saving measures for himself or his family because wouldn't it be a shame if someone shows up at his doorstep who is part of the thin blue line family. You make something out of nothing just to sound like you know more? Stand in their shoes…just for a day, I dare you!

Nicholle Duran Cordova
Santa Fe