7 Days, Sept. 23: “Thanks for All the Fish”

Vaya con Diosas

Thank you for the Douglas Adams-referenced tribute to RBG. The allusion is both poignant and very sad. I have always been a big fan of Adams, as was my son Galen Stoller, and, I loved Chief Justice Bader Ginsburg. Her connection with Santa Fe makes me feel proud and somehow closer to her. Vaya con diosas, Ruth.

Maida Henderson
Santa Fe

Letters, Sept. 16: “Namecalling”

Keep Tom Tomorrow

I, for one, appreciate your carrying this, and consider it a wonderful antidote to the psychotic rantings of the Fuhrermedia that pollutes so much of our airways.

Now, if you would only bring back Savage Love, which I understand you once carried.

Steven Shore
Santa Fe

A/C, Sept. 23: “Gaslighting is the New Black”

Thank You for Insight

I wanted to send off a quick email to let you know how much I enjoyed your article, Darryl Lorenzo Wellington. Gaslight is one of my favorite old films, I may have to watch this again tonight. Thank you for your insights and for helping me to see this issue in a new light. Shared on Facebook. Great work.

I am eager to read some of your other fine writing.

Kenneth Brown
Santa Fe

COVID-19, Every Day: 

Consistency Noted

Thanks for your consistent reporting on this. You get the info out before it shows up on the DOH press release page! And your map graphic is really good.

Elizabeth Morse
via Facebook