Food, Sept. 9: “Drive or Not to Drive”

Us Not Them

I appreciated the food review about a last-minute visit to La Plancha restaurant in Eldorado. I only disagreed with the final recommendation, which discouraged people from driving "out of town" to support a locally owned, family-run business. In a time when COVID-19 threatens people's livelihoods, here is some more "food for thought": 1. Eldorado is actually part of Santa Fe. It is not another city, nor is it far away by most travel standards to other restaurants around town. (Cerrillos Road traffic, anyone? Driving around the Plaza and finding parking?) 2. Let's all try to support and admire our local places like La Plancha that are open and serving customers home-cooked meals with smaller staff, risks to their own health, and dysfunctional supply chains. I'll happily give my continued business to La Plancha any time—thanks to their amazing longevity, good food and large menu, and kind service to those of us "all the way" out here in Eldorado! Give it another try.

Dana Lundell


I wanted to let you know that I found Mr. De Vore's review of La Plancha to be offensive, insensitive and inappropriate during these difficult times. The restaurant is a major community asset for Eldorado and the owners are wonderful supportive people who have treated my family and all guests with great kindness. To take snarky shots at the Eldorado community in general, say there is no reason to drive out here and disparage this struggling business in such a pompous and arrogant manner is simply wrong. Shame on you. Find more productive and positive things to write about, you immature pretentious ass.

Chris Forrest

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Also Hating It

Do you really think the "crap" you allow on Page 6 in the form of cartoons, This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow are entertaining, funny, or in any way pertinent to the stuff going on in the world today? I find them consistently off the mark, offensive, and just plain wrong so you people are ether wackjob liberals or brain dead yourselves. I won't even pick this liberal rag up anymore because of this. Stupid, stupid and not in any way valuable journalism. Of course, maybe your audience in Santa Fe is of the same mindset, in which case, too bad as our country is in real trouble.

Paul Ingraham
Santa Fe