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News, Sept. 2: “The Buck Stops Here”

More Buck, Please

I asked the public library to buy a copy of Buck [Wickham]'s book so that we all can read it. It is really true that his information was an antidote to fear. Much better to know what was going on, than to be wondering. I don't know about "colorful." I think Buck speaks like ordinary people.

Pelican Lee
Santa Fe

Cover, Sept. 2: “Game Off”

Casino Scene

As a regular and appreciative reader of your wonderful weekly, I wanted to add my two cents for the first time. While I found the article on casinos highly informed and informative, I felt that the author left out a couple things about Ohkay Casino. I go there several times a week and feel extremely safe when I go. Face masks are required for customers and the rule is strictly enforced; all the employees wear masks and gloves at all times; machines are disinfected after each use/customer; smoking is only permitted outside; and the occupancy is well controlled (with occasional waiting lines outside as proof of that); and there has not been a single case of COVID-19 reported since they reopened. Rio Arriba County has some of the lowest numbers for a populated county in the state. And the vast majority of gamers there are locals/regulars. The parking lot (which has never been nearly as full as it normally is) has never had "plates from all around the country." Yes, there are often a number of out-of-state plates, but the author made it sound like half the people in the casino were non-New Mexicans. Go to any of the hotels on Cerrillos Road and almost all you see are out-of-state plates. I think that Ohkay and its staff deserve to be congratulated for modeling best business practices for the new COVID-19 world.

Paul Phillips
Santa Fe

Online, Sept. 4: “Zozobra Burns”

Thank You!

You guys are usually kind of annoying but these pics really are great.

Denise Womack Avila
Via Facebook

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