News, Aug. 12: “An Alternative Policing Theory”

For the Kids

As a former teacher in the Santa Fe Public Schools from years ago, I salute and thank you for this article: the idea of sending a policeman, a medic and a social worker to respond to 911 calls for behavioral health crises.

I want to suggest that, particularly with the difficulties of COVID-19—the isolations in the home, and the levels of anxiety—that this resource be made available to all the kids in our area. The kids need somewhere to turn if there's abuse or violence in their homes, such as being able to call 911 for help.

If the schools give or send a letter to every kid informing them of this resource, and require that they and their parent or caregiver both sign it, everyone will know this is available. If they don't sign, that's a warning there may be a problem in that house.

There might be someone on the 911 staff to field these kinds of calls, so that kids don't call if mom won't give them ice cream, or their boyfriend did something mean (they're kids!), but a response team that's described, may be a way to save a life, or prevent lifelong emotional harm.

The kids are so precious!

Jude Redstone
Santa Fe

Online, Aug. 21: “How ‘Fortnite’ and ‘Second Life’ Shaped the Future of Indian Market”

VR Evolution

This is such a fantastic and fascinating story about the virtual reality evolution of the Santa Fe Indian Market @SWAIA

Alexis Tappan
@aktfast Via Twitter


Last week's food story ("The French Connection") incorrectly stated that Cafe Manolla's Sage Bakehouse bread is gluten-free. The cafe offers gluten-free bread from Canyon Bakehouse. SFR regrets the error.