The Fork, July 16:“Restaurants are Protesting…”

Better Solutions Needed

It's hard to generate much enthusiasm for the New Mexico Restaurant Association's protest of the governor's order to shutter indoor dining. Photos of large groups of restaurant employees protesting cheek-to-jowl without masks makes me wonder what their idea of "We're Doing it Right" might be.

The way to stop COVID is to avoid the three C's: close contact, crowds and closed spaces.

Seems like the protesters are doing everything wrong, in addition to refusing to wear masks.

The Restaurant Association would do better to lobby for positive steps to support beleaguered restaurants, like encouraging state and local government to:

  • fast-track approvals for outdoor dining
  • allow sale of alcohol on patios
  • subsidize turning streets, sidewalks, and parking lots into outdoor dining instead of throwing up roadblocks and onerous fees
  • allowing package sale and delivery of alcohol like many progressive cities and states have done
  • create criteria for what ‘doing it right’ means, and to set up government inspections and approvals for the restaurants that comply.

Duke Klauck
Santa Fe

Servers Are In Danger

Clearly the New Mexico Restaurant Association is big on putting money over human lives.

I think if restaurant owners were insisting customers keep their masks on at all times except when eating or drinking (which is what the [governor] mandated) and customers didn't act like we were asking them to relinquish their first-born child when us few brave servers ask them to do this, we would not be in this situation at all right now.

I personally hate that I still feel that every time I clock in, I am risking my life, for a freaking 10% tip.

…I feel we need a nationwide shut down again so we can get things back under control. I'd much rather struggle financially then end up on a ventilator.

Jen Stillions
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Yea. I'm not sure what I think about all of this. It is just awful. So many people are losing their jobs and won't have one to go back to. If these restaurants all close for good, what will Santa Fe look like? It would be wise to resist callous remarks when these businesses are simply saying they don't like the order. There isn't anything we can do about it. They have a right to say they don't like it. It may be the end of them. They all have to close. Be kind. These businesses support real lives. Please resist being hateful in the face of so much sorrow.

Diana Jean Melin
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No evidence of spread

Good for the restaurants. They are being singled out with no evidence of outbreaks contributed by restaurants. If people think that the increase in cases is only due to restaurants they need to critically think.

Walmart and big box stores have hundreds of people inside their stores with people touching items and decreased social distancing…just wait til fall when flu season/cold season comes, that's when we'll really see cases skyrocket.

Ashley Carro
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So much money already

I think the $7 trillion earmarked to keep small businesses alive was misappropriated.

I like chocolate but not enough to patronize places that put money over life.

Robert Johnson
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Nakotah LaRance
Nakotah LaRance | Via Facebook

Online, July 13: “Celebrated Hoop Dancer Nakotah Larance Dies”

My Inspiration

An absolute legend! A new powerful ancestor watching over us from above, spreading his hooping wings. We love you, Nakotah! You have inspired me to start dancing! May your family find healing and peace in these times. You will never be forgotten!

Jenny Shaw
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A Great Loss

What a loss to the People…what a great, giving talent he shared with the young, the pride he had in his culture and the joy he transmitted in his dancing.

Anne Aylor
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An Old Friend

Truly a gifted person. Nakotah was a performer, but [as] a person he was funny, silly and always looking to put a smile on anybody's face. He has always been a part of our family as a little boy and a part of group of kids that would become talented and gifted as he was a performer. In recent years, we lost a few of those kids that were part of our family and it's hard to look back at those faces of little kids from grade school that would gather at our house to play together, enjoy birthday parties together and just be kids together. We all called him "Dirt," his nickname, but now to know he's gone, but not forgotten by many of the people he has touched over his young life is a blessing. Koda Bear and Jake, RIP.

Ivis Peach
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Love to family, students

All love to his family and may his feet dance throughout his next spiritual journey. May his students keep his spirit alive!

Susie Chavez
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Prayers and thanks

Breaks my heart. I am looking at this in disbelief! It is so so incredibly sad! He really was an incredible person. Thankful for his energy, creativity, heart and giving spirit. Prayers for his family and all those who loved him.

Kathryn Carmichael
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Phenomenal Memory

Saw him for the first time last year here in Prescott, AZ. A phenomenal young talent.

Bruce Stevens
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My Condolences

What an awful loss. He was such an incredible person—talented at so many things that he shared with us and most importantly with future generations. My sincere condolences to his family and community.

Elizabeth Obester
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A Beautiful Dancer

A beautiful dancer and person…I'm so sorry he's gone from this world, but his spirit will continue to affect and change this world.

Erica Barcel
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A model for life

What a beautiful child. His story is filled with love for his people, kindness to others, talent and ingenuity (watch his Suited Hoop Dance) and unstoppable Go, which is the motivation, determination and drive that propels one forward instead of the spirit being bound by "life mud." It is awe inspiring how so many Bands are finally finding a voice, a global stage, to breath life back into their people. If we let freedom rise for those oppressed, imagine the colors that will fly.

Della Osborne
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Online, July 15: “Back to Remote School”

Still Not Safe

You cannot set a firm date to reopen. It is not safe for children or teachers to risk their lives and health. Until everyone can go back to work safely, it is not safe to send teachers back to work.

Connie White
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What about childcare

So, does this mean the school district is going to pay for childcare for those of us who have to be on-site for work and have young elementary school kids?

I pay taxes for my children to go to school. If they are not going to school—physically going to school—I want that money back to pay for their childcare…Our children are required to attend school and if we are unable to physically send them to school, a lot of families with two working parents are being put in an untenable financial situation through no fault of their own. The state is responsible for providing a safe, monitored space for children to learn. If they're not providing it in-person, they need to provide the assistance for it to happen.

Becca Anderson
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Pay to stay home

Really the right thing would be for the federal government to step in and pay enough money for at least one of the parents to stay home. And that's one less person exposed to the virus. Maybe one day we'll have rational leadership. The schools made a crappy choice among a bunch of crappier choices.

Alex Quezada
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Online, July 14: “Going Maskless”


They are endangering the public health. It is just as if they were speeding in their vehicles or waving a weapon around. Yes, keep after them until they get the idea that they are part of a community. In the meantime, my mask will help keep them safe.

Elaine Johnson
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What a virtuous policy our benevolent leaders have bestowed upon us.

I feel safer knowing they're $50 poorer.

Aaron Perls
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Wear the mask

Good. Rode my bike to work today in a mask, and just as out-of-breath as usual. So anyone can wear their mask!

Les Brill
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