Online, July 1:“NM Gov: Visitors Must Quarantine and Mask-Violators Will be Fined” 

Hotels are Full

What a joke. Living on Palace Avenue, I walked by many hotels, motels and vacation rentals, filling up. Do you really think they'll stay in their rooms for two weeks? La Posada had the most, so occupied that they parked on the street. They'll all come out to play. Whose going to watch them? My sister lives in New Jersey but plans to stay put and visit via Zoom. Just saying.

Charlotte Calles
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Public Health, Transit

My main concern over the non-mask-wearers is the non-complying bus drivers. Working in a confined space, in contact with multitudes of people, many who also are maskless, the drivers who refuse to mask are an extreme danger to older seniors like me who need to rely on public transportation. 

After several complaints made to bus transit dispatch, the conclusion is that they are not enforcing the mask rule claiming that many bus drivers have medical exceptions. My suggestion that they place such non-mask-wearing drivers in other positions away from the vulnerable public, such as desk duty or cleaning the buses was disregarded as something they cannot do. 

Also calls concerning this issue to the mayor's office were not returned. May need to start calling out the police to issue $100 fines and see if that is motivation enough to force compliance…

Maryel McKeown
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Need greater testing

I think those who are working with the general public, say in a grocery store, should be regularly tested. A mobile test van can travel to workplaces to test the employees. No test, no work; positive test, the store is closed and everyone gets tested, the store is sanitized. Employees are either cleared, cured or buried and we get this under control. This will protect the employees, their families and everyone they serve along with their families.

Lawrence Israel
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