Online, June 12:  “Gov. Lujan Grisham: Breweries Can Re-open Starting Friday” 

Facebook isn’t official

The SFR frequently notifies us of presentations given by political and legislative figures on Facebook.

Maybe someone should look into using a less offensive platform. I have sworn off of FB in the wake of the privacy issues, the deceptive advertisers and the refusal of their leader to be socially responsible.

Facebook is a questionable platform, specifically not suitable for our leaders. Maybe the Reporter can spread the word (sorry no pun) and get folks thinking about a more appropriate forum.

Thank you for all of your community reporting and support.

Deborah Henrich
Santa Fe

COVID and trains

Everyone seems to be hypervigilant about COVID-19 in the Capital City. However, the fact that we only have THREE deaths seems like we are overreacting. Or, protecting the wealthy and rich from the elements big cities bring. Continue to keep the Rail Runner from transporting potential carriers of the coronavirus to Santa Fe for the next year or so and watch our crime rates fall too. 

Donald Apodaca
Santa Fe

Online, June 3:  “Santa Fe Speaks Up” 

Why Weapons?

Particularly ironic is Mayor Alan Webber's claim that public education and poverty justify the need for assault rifles by SFPD to protect, serve and keep the peace. His plan to defund adult education by shutting down LaFarge Library in Midtown, an area the city has unsuccessfully tried to gentrify for years, clearly states his priorities with regard to both education and poverty.

Given that police officers were able to kill George Floyd and crack an old man's head open, by mistake and without using weapons of any kind, it's clear that providing enforcement access to semi-automatic weapons endangers the peace. As Mayor Webber has suggested, no amount of training will ensure the safety of the public when it's on the other side of a police-wielded AR-15 assault rifle. It goes beyond training.

Cheryl Bartlett
Santa Fe